How do you add an icon to a custom public GPT?

Also do you add the Name of the GPT, Created By, and the Subtitle, etc.

Here is an example one that shows all of the things I’d want to have control over, however the only features that seem to be open to adjustments are the tools, model selection and files. I can then test it, etc, but I can’t do much more than that. I can’t seem to find a way to share it either.

It’s because I can pay to build with the Assitants and other API’s but the free custom GPT builder tool isn’t available. Even with paying for the API costs, I still can’t publish the assitant, or share it. Just test it, or use it in the playground. If I can’t share it, I feel a bit slighted that it’s really just a sandboxed private tool. THere shoudl be a demo api or sandbox playground that doesn’t charge in my opinion. I’m discouraged from building and tinkering if it’s going to cost me $1.00 to summarize a 30 page pdf. It is a great UI and I see a lot of excitement and I get where it’s going, but this scenario. To build something just to test it, and find that it is that high of a API charge, really for the retrieval API, 5 threads, and two “prompts” to a 30 page PDF cost a bit over a dollar.

I guess this problem or issue is solved though. The image and description options are not there because most of us don’t have access to it yet.