Do changes to openapi.yaml and API routes require resubmission for ChatGPT plugin review?

According to OpenAI:

:rotating_light: If your plugin has been approved to be in the ChatGPT plugin store, and you have made changes to your plugin’s manifest, your plugin will be removed from the store, and you will need to resubmit it for review”

Just to make sure, this applies only when changing the ai-plugin.json manifest file?

If i make changes to openapi.yaml/json and my api routes, it is not required to resubmit for review?


Not an official answer, but OAS changes don’t seem to require resubmission: Are OAS changes unlisting the plugin or not?

It seems that the rules are the same for unverified and verified plugins for the moment. In case of breaking change, the best is still to have a mechanism to help your users be aware of those changes.

We help at Blobr our customers to create and manage as well the versioning part of their plugins so that they can make their users aware about changes made. Super useful to keep your users informed about any change, even non breaking ones. The API gateway for ChatGPT plugins | Blobr

Did you test it? While my plugin was unverified, I reinstalled it every time there was a change in the openapi.yaml specification.

Is there any update on this? Will changes in openapi.yaml require resubmission for ChatGPT plugin review??

Can we please get an official clarification on this topic? @logankilpatrick