How can I connect a GPTs with a plugin?

I am making a GPTs that will help me to create a budget based on the data I give it, to make the calculations correctly I want to use wolfram. How can I connect this pluggin to a GPTs can it be done?

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Use code interpreter instead, it’s ready to go using that.

You can untick the others.


@Foxabilo But it’s not possible any longer to combine custom actions as an end-user if we use custom GPTs instead of plugins which will be sunset, right? Is there something planned to support that (again)?

That is definitely not the same, wolfram plugin is a gem among the other plugins, they put a lot of effort to make in really good. ChatGPT + wolfram is a killing combination to solve every difficult problem like symbolic calculations. We need wolfram back, openai can trash other useless plugins, but save wolfram for the gods sake.

I wish I had some information for you, but until an official announcement is made regarding legacy plugins like Woflram, I can only speculate. To the best of my knowledge Plugins are replaced by actions.

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In large parts yes, but it’s fairly easy to update a plug-in to a GPT (if you’re the developer of said plugin that is)

First, you just need to ask the helper to “update your GPT according to your plugin specifications stored on”. Then, all you need to do is copy and paste your old OpenAPI schema into the new “actions” setup, and you’re done.

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