Host Providers and Front + Back End Implementation

Hello everyone,

Just checking what the community has found success with in terms of implementing the OpenAI API? What hosts are you using? How are you accomplishing front end and back end implementations? Is anyone using Buildship?

I want to create a service where the user inputs a few prompts (this is not a chat, more like filling out a form), the OpenAI API does its thing, and the user receives back a Word or PDF.

I’m thinking of WordPress but I’d rather go with a “the right” host from the very beginning, so checking with you all? I was considering giving in Azure a shot but they make the process so darn cumbersome and its not clear/obvious how they do website hosting. Anywhoo… looking forward to your feedback, thanks!


I use, and WordPress + AI Engine: The AI Plugin for WordPress plugin. I’ve actually stared training people on this setup as quite a few people are asking this question but in different ways.

I use + next.js on vercel. . Integrating with OpenAI is pretty straight forward so there’s really no right or wrong host. 99% of them will be fine so pick the one you’re the most comfortable with.