Best suited language (or packages in python) for creating apps/ website

HI ,
I am trying to develop a website using openai API which I want to:

  1. host in a cloud platform
  2. be able to stream the results.
    I did create one in python (using Gradio package) but was unable to either host or stream due to limitations in the package
    I am a non-coder and would really appreciate your response so that I can learn the language which works for this.

Google Cloud services don’t play nice with streaming chat apps, so that is a road of pain. You could host on a VPS or use Azure or some other 3rd party, then you can just create a Flask app in python and host it there.

In terms of a no code solution you can look at Bot creators such as ChatBase, Hubspot and many others, or if you wish a more customised service you can enquire for developers to build you a solution.

Thankyou. Does Azure allows to stream the chatgpt output?

Yes, they allow streaming. For smaller distributions I still think 3rd party VPS vendors are a viable and cheap option.