How would one go about building a purely frontend end solution for OpenAI?

I want to create a simple static website without exposing my OpenAI key. Is there any solution for this right now?

I have an idea for a static website without a backend. I guess I can create a serverless function, but that then feels a bit clunky. Is there anything like that out there? I’ve seen others mention oauth token generation, but that’s not available either, is it?

Thanks everyone!

Are you planning to use an untrained or trained model? And is it a chatbot or are you feeding it set questions and providing answers as generated content?

It depends on your use case a bit.

Also, is your website hosted on PHP or IIS? or just plain HTML/Javascipt on Linux or similar?

Not a chatbot. I’m considering using an untrained one and maybe a trained one later. I plan to use Firebase hosting. It’s a bit like using an AWS S3 bucket to host on. Low cost as the site is just serving the HTML.