"Hmm...something seems to have gone wrong." @ upload *.png screenshot

If I upload 1 picture: “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.” Same after delete cookies, switch browser etc. no VPN, 3.5 works.
Bug since at least 1 day.

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same thing is happening for me.

It started yesterday and still persists today. Very frustrating.


Same for me. Uploading a picture triggers the “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.” response. What to do?

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Same here for 3 days now, unable to upload any picture from clipboard . I,m kind of out of solution, clean cache, deleted cookie, deleted chat history, Use a different browser, use a different device, look every post on forum but nothing work so far. I can upload any file no problem, but any png. jpeg, jpg ect file will lead to this ‘‘hummm…something seems to have gone wrong’’.

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Same here. Was able to do it all of last week. Tried changing the browser, used the ios app. Same issue every time I upload a pic. It just won’t analyze it, just says ‘Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong.’

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I’m thinking that the vision AI model, which might be specifically selected for visual analysis, is under high load. ChatGPT is working for me right now for discussing an image, but so slow and going in spurts of token production, still continuing about two words a second as I write this, and then some bursts, that I would think there’s some significant issue.

Alternately, 3AM on a holiday weekend in California is when infrasturucture is maintained and a pool of resources is partially taken offline…

(interesting, in its vision analysis that doesn’t have reluctance in identifying AI imagery as AI: ChatGPT thinks a peculiar ChatGPT image output (experimental?) is a Photoshop montage instead of AI.

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Nothing different

No change here, he is still blind this morning. Uploading a photo result in the ‘‘hummm…something seems to have gone wrong’’. Its been 4 days now, any update ?