Hmm...something seems to have gone wrong. - 4 hours on-going - ChatGPT 4 Team

Hello, I have ChatGPT Team and I’ve been trying to use it for the last 3 to 4 hours there is no ChatGPT 4 response that comes through. Only “Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong”, again and again, in any chat, any new chat, old chat, whatever.
3.5 works fine, and is incredibly not useful.
What is happening ?



Same issue on team account. Other accounts with a ‘basic’ subscription work fine.

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OMGG!!! Same hereeeeeee :cry: I’ve searched on Google in regard to this issue, and found your post!! I have tried for like 2 hours till now, however it is still SAME…

I saw this and maybe you would check this out: it seems like like there is some error going on in GPT (or already solved but on the way to stabilization… not sure tho TT)

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