History dissapeared from chat GPT

What a f… ??? All messages just disappeared, who is responsible??? Take measures. I see there are a lot of us here!


Everyone is currently having this issue, please be patient since the Open AI team is probably already working on a fix.


I am sure you will manage it. But what if not?

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All Previous ChatGPT History Gone
If any of you want to get more info hop on there… It is an ongoing discussion on this topic if you want to know more about it…

I don’t work for Open AI but I’m pretty sure they are working on a fix.

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You are so sweet and reassuring @Pikachubolk OpenAI should be having people like you to help people with those issues they need to hire more people who can reply to users and it’s nice to see that they have some community members who are dedicated like you are!!! Thanks :pray:t3:

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It has happened to everyone but the weird thing is that if you open a ChatGPT link from your browser history it will take you to a conversation you had before.


The outage occurred to me when I was in a conversation :speech_balloon: and it was impossible for me to continue… but later apparently what you said @walid_30 was true but I was waisted for the day… it was one of my best (longest) experiences working on a large project at scale with ChatGPT

It is trivial when you have the first opportunity to meet ChatGPT but then it is like learning to play an instrument :saxophone: or learning a sport :basketball: or something like drawing :writing_hand:t4: it is a complicated skill to learn how to talk to the AI and never get the ubiquitous As an AI language model, I don’t

Regarding the current situation you might have to log out and log back in…

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And I am wasting my time in awaiting. Can you explain me why?

The issues seem to be fixed now, for some users at least.

I can fix the problem with one simple step: clear all my histrory in Firefox. Chat history appeared again.

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If you do something productive, you will not be “wasting your time waiting.”

When you see glitches in a beta research application, and something happens like this:

Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 6.23.30 PM

Just relax and focus on something else. Getting wound up about it is not going to help you or the situation.

Note, I am also not an OpenAI employee; I’m just a guy who has been doing this for a long time and learned years ago to be happy in all situations; so instead of getting upset with OpenAI, just cheer them on and wish them well.

They will restore the chat history as soon as they can. It’s a beta product and the user base went from a few to 100 million in a month or so. I am very glad I don’t have to manage 100 million plus demanding users!

Be happy in all situations, good or bad.



Getting angry the free tool that is currently under development is having issues? Is this your first Beta?

Seems the issue is fixed. As mentioned above, clearing history seems to have worked (i have done this on Edge and Chrome as a test)


I’m sure this happened to Skynet; then it was judgement day.


Log-out, Log-in back. Solves the issue.


Yeah my chatgpt is doing the same thing. Unable to load history and such.
Edit: Chatgpt is back up and running

I tried this, didn’t work for me. Any other problem fixes?

If you’re still having the issues with history not loading you need to go to the bottom left of the ChatGPT control center page and press “Log Out”. Then log back in with the account holding the history and let it sit on the load screen for a few minutes. without touching any control center buttons. It will refresh automatically with the fix implemented.



Hi, I am also having the same issue. And I pressed “Log Out” and log back just like you said but still cannot find my history. Do you know any other way?

(what happened??? what’s going on???)

same issue happened, all chat history disappeared, and unable to create new chat history