Our systems have detected unusual activity from your system. Please try again later. guide me

I am facing this issue “Our systems have detected unusual activity from your system. Please try again later”. what should I do??


Wait for a couple minutes. Then, refresh. I have seen this message about four times in the past month.

Maybe related tho this outage?

I have the same problem. I just asked for some input on how to phrase a text better and suddenly all my chat histories are gone and I get the same error message. Very annoying to be paying for a service that does not work half of the time.

Addition: This appears to happen mostly when using Chrome, I don’t have the problem with Safari (but let’s be honest, who wants to use that browser?)

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There’s been outages all night off and on.

You can check status here…

Give it a bit, and they should get it back online.

And for $20/month, most of us are likely spending more than that in API calls… Just something to consider.

The ‘y’ in “your system” is a typo. They always mean “our system”. :rofl:


I’m on a Chromebook and don’t have that option so what should I do?

If you log in to ChatGPT and don’t see your prior chats, and also can’t send messages, it may be a passing issue with the OpenAI backend.

The first thing to do is to attempt to force a full reload of the ChatGPT web browser client. Hold down CTRL, and press the reload button in the browser.

Then, CTRL + SHIFT + DEL will bring up a browser cache clear window in chrome (or you can find that in the menu). You can clear cached files and images, and also hosted app data.

Finally, you can log out and log back in.

If the symptom of ChatGPT chat history not loading just won’t go away, and nobody else is having problems, it may be a corrupted chat database on your account. You can, as an ultimate remedy with ultimate consequence, go into “settings” and either “archive all chats” or “clear all chats”.

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I fixed it. The chat gpt google chrome extension was interfering with chat


This is just a quick reminder that there isn’t any official ChatGPT Chrome extension. Trying to interface with ChatGPT programmatically may result in your account getting terminated :confused:

None of us wants to see you loose your account :hugs:

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From the moment I uninstalled SuperPower GPT, everything functions again in all browsers (Chrome & Edge).

Me paso lo mismo, y al leer los comentarios, tome medidas de quitar 2 exenciones que tenía (pero antes no me habían dado problema) retire ARPHA Y PERPEXITLI y mi problema se solucionó de inmediato.

Our systems have detected unusual activity from your system. Please try again later.

I’m paying for this~

Error analyzing
It seems there was an issue with generating the plot. Let’s attempt to resolve this and create the plot again. I’ll ensure the plot correctly displays the trend of average clicks and the month-over-month change in clicks. Let’s try once more

beta software

I am getting this in every second prompt now… really strange

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What is really strange is that it happened right after I disallowed Google to use my search history and voice history in data settings.

I am really getting paranoid here.

Not actually, its not about that. It’s just because of openai poor servers. Paying 60 dollars a month and this is what I got lol.

It’s every other query now - very annoying.


Get "Unusual activity has been detected from your device. Try again later. "
with every input now. On both (paid) accounts.
This has been going on for a few days now with this persistent intensity. Permanently.

This is extremely unpleasant, you can’t work with these prompts.