Bad Business Model - All History Gone - Trust is Gone

Why would anyone trust a company that gives no warning that all their work is about to disappear?
Any user trying out ChatGPT, when they saw that thier chats are ‘saved’ in Chat History’ would have, naturally, relied on that history. You don’t type notes in your notes app and think “ooh, I better make a copy of these notes in case the app wipes them off without warning” and you don’t make a backup of your app based calendar in case the developer rolls out an update that blitzes your schedule.

What openAI have done is show hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of people that they do not have a customer / user focussed process and procedure in place when it comes to rolling out updates and now the question is; why would anyone pay for their service after the huge ‘inconvenience’.

I’m sure they will say ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ but the trust is gone.


What infuriates me is that we (many of us) just spent weeks playing with ChatGPT, learning how to ‘converse’ with it, and, as such, creating a long list of things we could have gone back to to see how we managed to extract certain content from it, the words we used, the prompts we used, how we structured our questions.

All that is now gone and we have to start from scratch.

Personally I would rather start from scratch with a company that has an alert system in place that tells their users “hey, you might want to extract your history before we roll out the next update else you could lose everything”.



Calm down man, you are using a FREE service that is in alpha/some sort of pre-release.

Perhaps don’t rely on services that are still in the early stages of development. Also, did I say it was FREE!


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I think they’re just using ChatGPT to help Developers using their API.

Users provide free data which improves GPT.

Developers pay for requests to the GPT API to build apps.

There are lots of paid apps on the App Store that developers made where your chats would not disappear.

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I know it’s ‘FREE’. Lots of things are 'FREE" but you don’t expect your bits of content, whether it’s calendar entries in your ‘free’ calendar app or notes in your ‘free’ notes app on your phone to just disappear or every bit of your social media history to just disappear because you didn’t back it all up on to your device.

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If you are storing important information on FREE apps I would reassess your decisions.


Maybe the FREE app should either allow exporting of data, or offer a fucking paid tier so we can keep using it without interruption.


Exactly. I couldn’t agree more.

Or it could be pointed out to you that it is a test and a service that is still in its infancy, i.e. at an early stage of development BEFORE you start using it…oh wait a minute, they did that.

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I’m a computer software engineer at Apple with 16 years of experience.

…I figured out a highly technical hack to export it:
I copy and paste the output to Microsoft word.


This has allowed me to bypass the losing of prior chats from this free service.


Yes indeed, but if you’ve ever had your computer crash, you’ve learned the hard way that in technology, you always have to have a backup. I’m assuming you’re now producing hard copies for yourself.

What about good old copy and paste ? I did not expect them to save anything for me, and maybe it is also good that they do not store this stuff that comes in people’s mind :slight_smile: If you really have a good output than just save it locally. I personally love GPT3 and DALL-E, and i already have a payed account just to support them!

Chat GPT is going to and already has changed the world within weeks.
So many things will change, Homework, Blogging, Texting, Writing, old ways will be broken and new techniques be developed. love it…


I know it’s frustrating, but things designed by humans are bound to break at some point. sh** happens… :smile:

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But this is not currently being offered as a service… It’s a “research preview”. I keep seeing people dismayed by this that and the other when things don’t work in a certain way… Seriously we are just here to help them test stuff

That’s it’s, that’s the full extent… We have no rights or expectations because it’s not an actual product offering right now, free or not, it doesn’t matter!


I am sorry for your loss @martinkoss

As a developer with decades of tech experience, the terms of service for ChatGPT at this point in time that is that is basically a kind of “beta, experimental” release.

I have written two apps using the OpenAI API, and I don’t expect anything to be production quality at this point in time, so I cannot disagree more with your title statement:

Bad Business Model - All History Gone - Trust is Gone

This is a free, beta, pre-release service. Your requirement for all chats to be saved should be a feature request to ChatGPT, not a rant against them, in my view.

I think OpenAI is revolutionary and look forward to advances and new features over time. Be happy.

Hope this helps.


Can always have it create a bookmarklet that will download the current webpage tab as an html file :wink: :wink:


There are a lot of open source ChatGPT exporter scripts on Tampermonkey: ChatGPT Exporter

How much time did you put into your sessions vs how much time did you put into backing them up?


Remember: it was a free opportunity for the general public - you - to experience what an advanced chat-agent could deliver notwithstanding bad prompts and faulty reasoning/logic from the user base.

for what its worth
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