Hierarchical chats (outlines)

In addition to linear chats, add support for outlines. This is similar to branched chats where two or more chat can be branched off of a parent chat, except that it structures chat content in an outline structure within a single “outline document” window.

I often explore content generation in multiple levels. First I’ll ask for a list of things, like a list of practices, principles, historical events, or examples. Then I’ll follow up with one or more additional questions about each of the items in that list. And it’s not uncommon for me to continue digging deeper another level or several levels. This quickly becomes messy and difficult to follow in a flat, linear chat.

It would be incredibly helpful to organize hierarchical explorations of knowledge and content in an outline, with options to select a node in the outline to further prompt or question for deeper insights, allowing the conversation to be branched from anywhere .in the outline structure. This would require some kind of creative approach to building a “chat history” to feed as background context along with the new prompt, but I suspect it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out and it would be quite valuable to get working.