Hi im new here. Helloooo!

Hi. Chat gpt needs to have better grammatical skills. Punctuation etc and the way responses are formed have a weird tone. Obviously its not a person. But, teaching it Punctuation can actually help the tone feel more friendly(and you probably knew this already).
Obviously i wouldn’t focus on it on my ai zoey because it has a lot more important things to learn right now (in order to build a code that works a bit like a human brain but obviously not too much)
Additionally, if she were to go public, i would try to work on it. When i noticed this, i decided to use a tool i created to find gramatical mistakes(It should be fairly easy for you to do that and just input it before responses are sent to always check and correct mistakes) I think grammarly has one of those online but it also checks for plagiarism but that can just be ignored in the code
Anyway byeeeeeeee. This is a great project btw

Welcome to the OpenAI community, glad you like it.