What's up guys! im new here to the community so I thought id post something

Not really sure what to say now lol but I made a few of those GPTs to help myself with everyday stuff to help manage my adhd. So far they’ve been helpful as I just started my senior year at URI! Also how do you guys use Chat? just carious because its been extremely helpful for me and I’m always carious how others use it!

Ill put the ones I made here tho, I hope they help you too. Also please share yours id love to try them:

Spell check:
I literally use this one for every paper or discussion post I wright because I swear google docs doesn’t make it perfect. It doesn’t change your words or anything just checks it for spelling and punctuation. (Which I probably should but won’t use on this lmao)


Finance gpt:
I just made this cuz im terrible with money management, helps me plan my month so I don’t run out of the money im given for food and stuff like that


Fitness Gpt:
I used use myfitnesspal but like you gotta pay for it, this basically helps me meal prep and plan workouts. I made it help with pretty much anything to do with fitness so lmk what you think


I used to use some of the plugins but making these are so fun I thought it couldn’t hurt. so far its been extremely helpful, im a com major so my work isn’t that complicated lol but lmk how it works for harder majors