Hi , I just can't use another model on Playground and can't create an assistant

new user can’t upload pics,a simple problem

click the model selection box nothing happend,it looks like disable
both Playground and create an assistant when I need to select model

I have gpt plus and $9 credit balance
So, my account has trouble or something else?

It seem like everyting on Playground has been disabled,
I can’t change them.
Maximum length

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Here is a direct link to chat completion mode: https://platform.openai.com/playground?mode=chat

Things appear to be operational, so here’s some steps.

I would encourage you to bookmark it. Then close all browser windows. Then open again. It also may take a “cached data and app” clear if using chrome. Incognito/private browsing may be a way to log in anew and check.

Disable any web browser extensions that may be interfering with the page operation.

Additionally, here’s a link to check your API credit balance for spending: https://platform.openai.com/account/billing/overview

I couldn’t get the Playground page to break, all looking and chatting fine.

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Yeah, I clear last 24h’s browser cache and data ,and it truely works.
What a easy problem, in fact I confused by the promblem from yesterday and even buy a gpt plus want to fix it.
maybe I should not sit down on my laptop anymore but take a relax.
Thank you very much!

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