OpenAI Playground/Platform Assistant Answering Gibberish then Crashing


I have two seperate accounts for OpenAI on two separate browsers and any prompt I give to ChatGPT 4o on Playground answers in gibberish in then before completing the answer the UI just completely crashes.

Have been trying to contact support for days to no avail.

See screenshot for reference.

Anyone else have this problem? How do I fix it? Its completely unusable.

  1. “Playground” is not ChatGPT
  2. Temperature and top_p settings are a possible cause such nonsense. Start at 0.1 for each. It would take API call assistant creation to set temperature above 1 to create this randomness.
  3. If you are using a fine-tuning -0125 model, it may have been done completely wrong.

You might review that the instruction given to the assistant when you created it is actually of high quality. A user of a specialist AI shouldn’t have to tell that AI how it already operates.

You are a SEO writing assistant. Act as if you were a technical web3 developer. Your rewriting goal is SEO optimization targeting Google PageRank.

I can confirm that the playground has been turned into a festering pile. I made a SEO bot with all that is needed for operation.

The playground button doesn’t go to an assistant chat – it launches the chat completions playground, blank.

Then fix the URL manually, the whole screen goes blank when the AI responds. You have to go to threads to recover what you paid for.