Hey You Made a Thing, I Made a Thing Too

Not sure if this should be a whole blog post but I just wanted to rant on this for a sec. Many of us in this community are coming up with similar use cases. That could be encouraging and deflating all at the same time. You might have a mutual colleague that connects you two, and if you if you have a chance to sit down with each other, really do your best to listen to that other founder for the nuances of their feature set and prompt design. Chances are you might fit like two puzzle pieces and could compliment each other nicely in the marketplace.

You could be going after the same customer but solving different problems. Or selling to different floors of the same building. Don’t reinvent the wheel either. If someone beat you to it and did it better and earlier, ask to white-label, resell or build upon their solution.

Don’t give up, collaborate, let’s all be great.

Just my two cents.