Eager to share MuseCCA.com

Hey everyone, I am one of the four founders of Integrated Predictions and architect of MuseCCA.com, a Modular GPT-3 (and many other AI) Workspace for pre-tuned Prompts with simple user input.
We launched 1 month ago, and in that time have made big strides in “getting it right”. Our platform is still in its infancy, but we have some big surprises coming up. In an effort to make the best product, we are giving out free trials and have lowered our prices dramatically to encourage more feedback.

If you have a moment and want to check it out, I would greatly appreciate feedback either on here, through our feedback button in-app (leads to Google Form), or at Engage@IntegratedPredictions.com - The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Thanks for reading!

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I asked a question on the other post, I was wondering if you could answer?

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Haha true! We had the same idea and didn’t touch base about it until this morning :laughing: My apologies!


We actually already have a few “longer-form” Assistants that help D&D Dungeon Masters create stories for their campaigns, for example. Ideally, an entire story/script writer would be nice, but having a human-in-the-loop throughout every stop of the process is most valuable to get desired reponses.



Sorry for our double post, community. Matt and I were up working too late again. We appreciate your involvement on either post, and didn’t mean to take up two post slots with the same thing.

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