Would pay to use the original DALL-E 2, not the downgraded one. I'm a tester and have comparison proof

I do lots of strong tests on various AIs, I’m a “tester”. I wish I had a few very strong tests done when I had the chance.

Note these aren’t my strongest or exciting cool prompts, just some early tests I got in and using these to compare. They are still interesting/ tricky prompts, though.

Note, no one can verify 100% they downgraded DALL-E 2, but I did enough tests I believe it is so. Note it might be because they seem to add words to our prompts. Or both. They add words to make the prompt come out fair ex. they add words like “black man” or “white woman” to the end of your prompt, apparently. This they implemented. It ruins my tests and one word changes the whole outcome a ton. It’s like messing with one’s food or their computer, you just don’t do that openai! It’s one thing blocking or banning but another thing secretly giving worse or altered results! Especially not knowing it is worse, too!

Uncropping seems to work the same. Haven’t done many tests there.

Anyway so here’s my tests:

The top ones are the old, like a month or two after it released. I have other tests too that seem to suggest it doesn’t do as good as before.

Note the one pinball one on the bottom left I did try adding Asian woman myself so it can’t try adding its own wording, seems either I ruined my prompt on that one or dalle2 decided still to add words (and/or the model is downsized).

a Spongebob episode, Spongebob is trying to wrap a rope around a boat stuck on land

woman playing a wide complex fancy wooden pinball machine that has fancy artwork inside with lights and pinball bumpers, Egyptian pikachu themed, up-close shot, front-view, dslr photo

Pikachu stuffed toy with pink ribbon around it in a Easter egg basket in the grass under the sunlight, a cat creature is picking up pikachu out of the basket

An anthropomorphic cat dressed as a chef in a professional all metal kitchen cutting into a beautiful steaming steak in a frying pan so hot it has a bit of fire coming off the steak, with green leaves, pepper, and tomato slices. 4K photograph.

2 anthropomorphic cats hugging wearing scarfs and hats sitting on a bench on the sidewalk next to Sakura trees yawning sipping coffee talking using body language pointing at a restaurant on a misty sunny windy windy day, dslr photo