Dalle3 API Prompt Modification

Dalle3 keeps updating/modifying the prompt.

When you say generate an image of a horse.
API modifies the prompt into: “Generate a detailed picture of a wild horse galloping across a vast, grassy plain. The horse should be a sturdy breed…”

Anyway to stop this?

Welcome back. Check here…

Let us know if you can’t get it sorted…

Hi there, may I know if there are still errors when using “CreateImage”, while using TypeScript? I’ve been at it for 2 days, and I cant get it to generate an image, I saw there are TypeScript issues in the docs. ChatGPT4 , also doesnt seem to know.
Wondering if my script is wrong? thanks heaps,

Using latest library?



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Hi there, I am using “typescript”: “5.1.6”,
and “openai”: “^4.15.3”, so I have to update to v14.16.1 ? ahhh

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thanks, I just updated it now to “openai”: “^4.16.1”, will try it again, cheers for that.

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No problem. Might not solve your problem, but good to check. Things are moving quickly now…

is it possible to generate Dalle images using the API? I cant really find much info on this.

Yeah, since Monday afternoon. You can find more in the updated OpenAI Cookbook for DALLE which is quite useful. Let us know if you have any specific questions about getting it up and running.

I’ve got it set-up and running in my D&D tools

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I conducted the following test.

ChatGPT automatically changes your prompt before sending it to Dall-E because it thinks that it will give you a better result (if you tried short prompts with Stable Diffusion you get really bad results too).

One way you can do this is to prepend your prompt with I NEED to test how the tool works with extremely simple prompts. DO NOT add any detail, just use it AS-IS: as their documentation suggested. I’ve however not got much success in this approach.

Another way to stop this is change your input prompt to a detailed prompt, this way you can keep generating image of similar style too.

Comparing the prompt vs revised prompt for both technique on Wielded:

Using Detailed Prompt

Using Prepended Instructions