Have a error when log in ChatGPT

Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at help.openai.com.
what i do?

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ChatGPT is very sensitive to the browser/network identification data (like all other OpenAI APIs).

After recent outages, some unlucky users had their accounts inaccessible - not because of any policy or payment - it is more a Cloudflare login application than an OpenAI thing.

You can try to log in thru the brute-force method:

Settings >> Privacy and security >> Cookies and other site data >> See all site data and permissions >> Search for “openai.com” >> chat.openai.com 1 & delete all cookies (for this site only).
Or clean all your cache and cookies but this will log you out from all services used in your browser. And try to log in again.

Check if your computer is using a VPN. If that is so, turn it off.

Check if the computer’s browser is using an extension making User-agent spoofing to emulate browser identification. If that is so, turn it off as well.

Assuming it is a Chrome-like browser, ChatGPT is not quite into “User-Agent Reduction” fully applied in Chrome 101 (currently it is 111).
Suggestion: take a look at “Network conditions” in Developer tools and check if the User-agent is using the browser default.

You can also see in the Issues tab some User-agent reduction-related errors, but they will not stop from accessing the ChatGPT. Update the browser before login - it worked for many users.

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