Chatgpt isn’t loading after logging in

After logging into my account, My previous chats are gone and the loading spinning wheel just spins forever. Please fix this asap. Chatgpt hasn’t been working it sucks. It doesn’t work anywhere on my phone, computer and different browsers. :sob:

I have found a way to fix the error, you need to go to the website: , then you reload the chatgpt website


doesnt work…wanna kiL|| myself

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The real reason is that OpenAI suddenly canceled my subscription to ChatGPT Plus. I found out that they set met on “Personal” plan without any information. WTF are they doing?

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That fixed the problem. Thanks. So silly that this is the solution

Same issue here.
Not sure what causes this, but it was working fine yesterday

Got this on my web chat gpt version right after I installed the mobile app. Refreshed cookies, logged out, logged in, nothing works. I see a whole bunch of 403 Forbidden errors in the developer console. So its a server side intentional lockout of some kind, but WHY?

Mobile app works fine with the same account Im trying to use to login into web version.

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