Has anyone developed a Chatgpt for Lawyers and how to frame court documents that i can use?

has anyone developed a Chatgpt for Lawyers that i can use? legal fees are very expensive and am trying to research my case before i decide whether to proceed or not.

Hello! Iā€™m starting to get involved in something similar. How are you progressing?

I created a custom GPT, called FDA Advisor. It can search a bunch of FDA issued regulations and guidances and then return the answer with referred documents web link for downlaoding. I can help you to create a similar GPT based on your court documents, which should base on the similar technology. Send me a message if you would like to talk more.

We have succefuly build a knowldge base and fine tuned / Q&A Training, Multilanguage Law consultant on all leagle fields for a law firm in GCC. you can have local Bots too if you are worried about privacy. send me an email if you are intersted, will send you the demo. ā€œxi24ix@protonmail.comā€