Guide for Fine-tuning for Windows User?

I’m having trouble with

CLI data preparation tool

(OpenAI API) as after I executed the command, it does nothing (Image as ref)

Can anyone show me the step-by-step guide?


Oh and, forgot to mention that it’s related to my personal project here

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I was able to follow the open AI guide quite easily, which step are you having trouble with?

I’m pretty sure this image explained where I’m having trouble at
it didn’t goes as planned

ahh, I see the problem. You need to run ‘pip install openai’ in your command line

I have a series just for you. Here’s the first episode of getting started:

And here’s the first episode of finetuning:


I’m afraid to tell you this but, I can’t figure out how to upload the fine tuning file at all (took me a whole 3 hours even after watched the video twice)
And I can’t figure out how to do it at all (at the age of 22)
It seem harder than I thought, even follow the tutorial as well

Why is it so hard to fine tunning one model just for the simple translation?

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I would recommend spending a little bit more time getting familiar with python and coding before jumping into fine-tuning

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Update here, I just manage to figure out what’s wrong with the installation
The windows system doesn’t know that I’ve installed the app “OpenAI” locally so I have to add the path to user variables to let the CMD know the program I’ve downloaded and installed at there

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i so much get you, fortunately David Shapiro made videos about this.

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Um, I’m not quite sure as David’s video didn’t mention User variables fix in his video

Update here, got the training model work, but for some reason, it did something that I’m not expected
And yes, I did insert the training data, just not sure why it got confused
Here is the setup (or configuration)

find what? like, you gotta need to give me some context bruh

This was a lifesaver. Thanks! Any other resources you provide for tutorials or groups to work with?

uh, I just asked around other people on discord, so yeah XD

Ha, welcome back after long absence! Maybe in a year potential.planetary will check in again for their update too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There’s a bit more documentation now.