Fine-tuning for NOT Python developers

I have no experience with python. Unfortunately I fail to test Fine-tuning.
I managed to install openai

pip install --upgrade openai and Set OPENAI_API_KEY="<OPENAI_API_KEY>" (windows)

however I can’t start the data verification tool. I get the message that the command doesn’t exist. Here I read that it is necessary to set the path where the command is located.

openai tools fine_tunes.prepare_data -f <LOCAL_FILE>

Can anyone write a detailed Fine-tuning guide for windows not python developers. (or just make one example for c #) :slight_smile:

thankful in advance


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you can use a tool like Postman to do API calls and upload your files.

You can also use services like to do that and manage your files

Thanks for the quick answer. Uploading a file is not a problem. I can do this directly with REST Api. However, if I understood correctly, I must first check the json with this tool. I can of course upload the data via api without checking and then hope it works.

oh sorry, I misunderstood your problem.

I did upload without the verification, if it is wrong it will let you know and you can upload again.

Hope this helps you: