Fine tuning baby steps

Is there any baby-steps guide on fine tuning? For people with no coding knowledge?

I go to the Fine tuning documentation, and it says:

“To install run pip install —upgrade openai”. I have no idea where to go, what to click to run that command. (I prefer to work on an iPad but I have a MacBook.)

It then says the following instructions work for version 0.9.4 and up. I have no idea 0.9.4 of what . It says it requires python 3. I don’t know where to start with that. My app is built in Bubble, can I stick with that and also use python for this?

It then says to add a variable into my shell initialisation script. I have no idea what a shell initialisation script is.

Every sentence assumes knowledge I don’t have.

Is there any baby-steps walk thru on this?

I’m not looking to stick with prompts only. I would like to know how to fine tune.

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This should help.

Good luck!


Did you end up figuring out how to fine tuning for your project?