Grant expiring and has money left over

We are a nonprofit and we have a 2500 grant and it is expiring, can we extend it? We have left over credits and would like to use them. Please Help us OpenAI I have emailed.


Hi and welcome to the Developer Forum!

The Developer forum is unable to assist with grants or account issues, please use and select the support bot in the bottom right corner, leave your contact details and a description of your issue.

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PM me an API key (with a space in the middle) and I’ll help make sure it doesn’t go to waste! :kissing: (just joking)

It’s unlikely that the credits themselves would be modified, but you could consider applying to the same program again. I didn’t see “only for first timers” in any of the application forms.

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I am facing to same situation, is there a way to extend that?

Hi guys, any updates on this? is it possible to extend for 6 more months? Would be great

This is probably not possible, but you’re welcome to ask OpenAI support team over at

This is a developer forum, we’re unable to assist you with anything that’s related to grants, billing, accounts, subscriptions and so on.