Voice Profile Does Not Match Set Preference

For an unknown reason, the voice profile active does not match my preference in settings. I choose Sky as my default voice profile, but it sounds like Breeze instead. Sky seems to be the only voice affected as I have successfully switched between other voice profiles. I have logged out and back in and also uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail. Is anyone else having a similar issue and/or does anyone know how to fix this? It was working fine earlier and there is no apparent explanation. Thanks in advance.


Have the exact same problem happening. Phone is pixel 7 pro

They paused the voice over concerns it was being comparable to Scarlett Johansson:

This is a real shame. The Sky voice was the only one that had general appeal. The rest are terrible. We either need more voice options, the ability to modulate the base ones, or get Sky back (most preferable to me).

Bring Sky back!