GPTs + Up-to-date Knowledge Storage [Need your feedback]

Hey there,

A few months ago, I was building an AI assistant for customer support. I struggled with the built-in vector store and the complexity of creating my own RAG solution. I thought that I was’n along =) That’s why we spent a few months and built a managed knowledge storage solution for GPTs and AI assistants that works out of the box.

We named it Ordemio. It integrates with 25+ data sources, monitors updates in real-time, extracts knowledge and store it. The platform finds the most relevant information and documents across all your knowledge with a hybrid search to provide a correct and detailed context for retrieval.

Ordemio works with both GPTs through actions and Assistants through API calls.

We’re looking for feedback from the community and offering early access to interested users. Check out Ordemio and let us know your thoughts!