Outsourcing company creating your next custom GPT for free

We’re a small startup, and we have a pretty kick a$$ Low-Code and No-Code software development platform, allowing us to create simple APIs basically better and faster than everybody else out there. And I just had an epiphany, which is that if we can build in 5 minutes what others needs days to deliver, and we charge a monthly hosting fee for our platform, we can basically create APIs and connect these to GPTs “for free”.

Free of course implies we ask clients to pay the first monthly subscription, at which point we get started, and within some few days, we deliver a custom GPT, connected to an API, allowing it to actually DO something (not being just simple prompt engineering with 20 documents).

Some of the advantages, are that we can create custom GPTs with up to 30,000+ documents, instead of 20. Other advantages are that you get a chatbot you can embed on your website (included in the price), you get AI Search also “for free”, and you don’t have to pay more than $198 initially - Where others would charge thousands of dollars just in retainers before they create a single line of code.

Basically, you pay the cost of developing custom software over a period of maybe 12 months, and if you’re not happy with the result, we’re left holding the bag, accepting the loss due to having spent a lot of time on something you’ve only paid $198 for.

Notice, we’re not talking about “super complex” GPTs here, we’re talking about simple business logic, connecting to your SQL database maybe, and/or an API we can somehow create in a couple of hours, where others would need days and maybe weeks to deliver the same.

Thoughts …?

Check out one example GPT to illustrate the value proposition. This would be included “for free” in our professional plan ($198)

If anyone here is interested, you can follow the bread crumbs to https://ainiro.io

Please, only serious inquiries …