How to add extra-knoledge to GPTs

Hi everyone,
as stated in the documentation

You can now create custom versions of ChatGPT that combine instructions, extra knowledge, and any combination of skills.

I didn’t find anything specific in the documentation about how to add this “extra knoledge” on GPT (they simply redirect to the create page, that i can’t access becouse i’m not a PLUS user at the moment).
Before subscribing a PLUS account i need to know how to build a GPT that can answers questions about our company technical data. Then, when the custom GPT model will be ready, we’ll use it via API (like we’re doing now with GPT-4).
Can anyone explain to me in which way we are supposed to add extra-knoledge to GPT? We simply upload our data?

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Hi Gianlunca,

Within custom GPT configure tab there is an option to add extra knowledge by simply uploading documents to the GPT. Additionally, I would say that you can provide additional chat to your GPT via the chat CREATE chat interface, but I’m not sure about it.

Hope this help!

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I think, as of now, when Openai says extra knowledge, they are referring to unstructured documents (PDF or similar formats). I am also trying to check by uploading a dataset that provides a unique trend and see if it’s reflected in its response.

Unique trend? as in? a trend on a graph or a trend in fashion? YOu may need to look at fine-tuning to change the way a bot responds with a new style or particular use case. Fine tuning is poor at retaining knowledge and retrieval is bad at teaching new styles.


My concern is about how is used Knowledge. For example i have uploaded a jsonl file, but it’s only used by code interpreter. What file format should i use if i want a GPTs to make embeddings from my files and use those embeddings for retreival ?

Thx pals

File format is almost irrelevant, at least in the first instance, upload your file and let the system chunk it and then perform retrievals on it, see if it performs to your expectation, documentation here

I’ve uploaded a pdf with technical info and the result is quite good. I think that Assistent API could be a good solution for our purpouse.

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