GPT's Masterpiece Game <Chronicles of the Forgotten Realm>

Only two prompts:

  1. design a game with about 10 scenes, output json array
  2. draw landscape style of this: {scene}

The code is driven by these prompts, so the first sentence provides a basic setting. The first prompt will generate 10 scenes, and then a for loop will generate images for each scene.

The text at the bottom of the images is added using ffmpeg, with the “MedievalSharp” font recommended by GPT, which looks quite magical!

Overall, the effect is pretty good, but currently, AI drawing can only produce rough settings. It’s too difficult to handle too many details!

Scene scripts by GPT:

    "scene_id": 1,
    "title": "The Awakening",
    "description": "You wake up in a mysterious forest with no memory of how you got there.",
    "objectives": ["Explore the forest", "Find clues about your identity"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist"]
    "scene_id": 2,
    "title": "The Village",
    "description": "You arrive at a small village on the outskirts of the forest.",
    "objectives": ["Talk to the villagers", "Gather information"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist", "Villager 1", "Villager 2"]
    "scene_id": 3,
    "title": "The Blacksmith's Shop",
    "description": "A local blacksmith offers to help you if you can complete a task for him.",
    "objectives": ["Complete the blacksmith's task", "Earn a reward"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist", "Blacksmith"]
    "scene_id": 4,
    "title": "The Hidden Cave",
    "description": "You discover a hidden cave that holds secrets of the past.",
    "objectives": ["Explore the cave", "Find ancient artifacts"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist"]
    "scene_id": 5,
    "title": "The Old Hermit",
    "description": "An old hermit living in the cave shares valuable information.",
    "objectives": ["Listen to the hermit's story", "Gain knowledge"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist", "Old Hermit"]
    "scene_id": 6,
    "title": "The Mountain Path",
    "description": "You venture up a treacherous mountain path.",
    "objectives": ["Navigate the path", "Avoid dangers"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist"]
    "scene_id": 7,
    "title": "The Abandoned Castle",
    "description": "You find an abandoned castle that once belonged to a powerful family.",
    "objectives": ["Explore the castle", "Uncover its history"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist"]
    "scene_id": 8,
    "title": "The Guardian",
    "description": "A guardian blocks your path, testing your strength and resolve.",
    "objectives": ["Defeat the guardian", "Prove your worth"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist", "Guardian"]
    "scene_id": 9,
    "title": "The Secret Chamber",
    "description": "You discover a secret chamber filled with magical relics.",
    "objectives": ["Investigate the relics", "Unlock hidden powers"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist"]
    "scene_id": 10,
    "title": "The Final Confrontation",
    "description": "You face the ultimate challenge, revealing the truth about your past.",
    "objectives": ["Confront the final enemy", "Reclaim your identity"],
    "characters": ["Protagonist", "Final Enemy"]