– Chat with any FAQ using the new GPT FAQ

Introducing - a new tool that allows your users to chat with your FAQ! With GPT FAQ, your website visitors can interact with your FAQ and get quick answers to their questions without having to navigate through lengthy and frustrating FAQ pages.

By adding GPT FAQ to your website, you can save your users time and enhance their experience. The simple user-friendly interface is designed to improve engagement and increase customer satisfaction. The service is currently free as we work to get user feedback.

Visit today and let me know what you think!


Really Nice. The Chat with PDF would be great if it was editable as some of the questions generated were quite similar. Will check it out much more. Love it!!

@You_Owe_Me - Thank you for the feedback, I like your idea!

We are working on optimizations at the moment :slight_smile:

Have you tried asking questions that not in the prompt, we have been working to improve the answers to these types of questions over the last week?