GPT Virtual Writing Buddy Videos?

Hey everyone :wave:

I’m wanting to get a pulse on interest levels for educational content for writers that revolves around using GPT-3/ChatGPT as an assistance tool.

I’m noticing a big knowledge gap between users as well as a lot of misconceptions about NLP models and their capabilities, especially among writers.

My aim is to teach writers who are new to the technology everything I know as a GPT-3 user since 2020.

I have a lot of educational video ideas in mind but one video I’d like to test in particular is a long-form “virtual writing buddy” style video:

I’m noticing a trend amongst writers where they’re either completely dismissive of GPT or they’re lazy and use it to do everything for them.

These types of videos are inspired by James Scholz’s “study with me” streams.

They’re aimed to show writers that the technology can be integrated to speed up your workflow, particularly in the realm of content writing, and that you can now have a blended approach to creating written content that doesn’t rely too heavily on AI.

But this approach also harnesses AI to improve the efficiency and quality of work.

These videos show you basically what I do in my work day as a website content writer, the prompts I use to enhance my workflow as well as a live word count to show you my speed and progress.

The idea is, if you’re doing similar work in marketing or tech or even if you’re just a student, you would follow along with these videos and prompts (if applicable) and essentially, we would be working together whilst listening to some chill Lofi, of course.

You might note that there is a graphic and sound of a video game “start” menu at the beginning of the video.

I intend each “virtual writing buddy” video to essentially be a new “game” each time.

This is simply a nod to my love of old-school 16-bit JRPGs/Arcade games and ties in with the overall aesthetic intended for the channel.

In this session, I wrote, edited and proofed 1800+ words divided across 3 different articles in just under an hour.

All 3 articles were marked as “very unlikely” to be written by AI by OpenAI’s proprietary AI text classifier tool.

Let me know your thoughts and whether or not you think this type of content is useful for the community:


AI Writing Guy.

I love the idea but can’t say that I fully “get it”…

I didn’t see the full prompt in the video description as you suggested. The prompt showing on screen seems like a placeholder and I can’t see what you’re typing on the computer in the background. As it stand, I feel like I’m just listening to LoFi music in the library while my friend works on their term paper. I have to imagine you intend their to be a bit more functionality that I’m missing.

That being said, I’d like to know more because the idea is intriguing!

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Rob, I appreciate this feedback so much!

Sorry for not including the full prompt in the description, I should have emphasised this was an unlisted test video.

Based on what you’ve said, I’m going to retool the idea to be more functional and better.

Thanks again for contributing with such a positive response. I’ve actually copped a lot of hate in some other online communities for asking about this idea so your response has given the little bit of inspiration I needed to not give up on it entirely.