GPT-3, DALL-E, and our Multimodal Future [YouTube Video Series]

Hello everyone,

I’ve spent the past few months working on a YouTube series called, “GPT-X, DALL-E, and our Multimodal Future”.

The series explores what models like GPT-3 and DALL-E could mean for the future of Creativity.

In the series, I will share:

  • essential lessons for AI creatives of the future
  • share details on how to compete creatively in the future
  • talk about how to make money through Multimodal AI
  • make predictions about AI’s effects on society
  • I even discuss the ethics of multimodal AI and the philosophy of creativity itself

The first video drops tomorrow at 9 AM on my YouTube Channel, and there are 19 videos in total I will be releasing everyday. If you’re interested, I really recommend you subscribe to the channel and turn notifications on, so you don’t miss a single video and the collective experience of watching it with the rest of the audience.

You can also browse the series as a whole at the youtube playlist here:

If it’s ok with everyone here, I’d like to update this thread with the videos as they are released. Please let me know if this too often or against the forum policies. I will be monitoring this thread and open to discuss the ideas with everyone here. I’m also willing to take on any questions you may have and try my best to answer them.


The first video is out! It’s an intro to DALL-E and the important topics covered in the series.

You can watch it here:


Lol yes of course! Don’t take the series too literally, I’m sure the models will continue to exist in isolation. GPT-3 is very meaningful to me too and my plan is to continue using it on my own as a hobby even when much more sophisticated models are released in the future.

As for ads - I’m sorry about this one. I’ve heard YouTube promotes videos with ads far more than ones without, otherwise my original plan was never to enable them. You could try downloading ad blockers on your browser or singing up for the one month YouTube premium free trial for the duration of the series to get an ad free experience.

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Excellent! Hope you enjoy it :pray:

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I’m so looking forward to this one! :fire:


This is incredibly cool. I can’t wait to absorb all 19 videos. You’ve got a great narrator voice, btw. :+1:


Thank you @boudinot ! Nice of you to say

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Video #2 in GPT-X, DALL-E, and our Multimodal Future is up:

It’s all about taking creativity and the digital arts to the next level by doing something with multimodal AI that we simply could not do ever before!


This is awesome, @bakztfuture - I can’t wait to watch them!


Thank you Steve! Hope you love it, congrats again on the book launch :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. This is a great question. I was worried about, “generalizability” of the series and made great efforts to at least provide context around the recent developments in AI like GPT-3 and DALL-E. I tested my language often when out with friends or at dinners to see if people outside of our, “bubble” and the research community could follow along with what I was saying.

To my surprise, people who are completely non technical and “out of the loop” (sorry if this sounds rude in a way), were very receptive and able to follow along with the significance of GPT-3 and the capabilities of DALL-E. Many had immediate follow up questions, like how can I stand out creatively with DALL-E? Or could I make money from this?

The only gap that I’ve experienced personally is that people’s existing usage of AI (ie. things like Siri) have not at all kept up to the mark, which makes ordinary people skeptical about the capabilities of GPT-3 (is this vaporware?), but once they are past this skepticism, they are actually excited and want to try it themselves (especially when they learn how easy these tools are to use).

I think a lot of people have had some kind of base level AI experience (even through Siri which I’m for sure saying is bad) as well as a creative skill/hobby they could have tried as a kid. So, the series is not that hard to grasp for them and conceptualize meaningfully.

I think it’s a lot easier for non technical people to suspend belief … what I’ve actually found when it comes to sharing things like GPT-3, the more degrees someone has (especially in AI research) the harder time they have believing in GPT-3’s true potential.

In my view, the big hurdle after the series and some mild creative/AI education will actually be giving everyone access to these models to create great things. The best medicine is giving people a chance to test drive it themselves, tell their friends, and then we’ll need to do a lot less convincing.


I imagine the hesitation to release DALL-E comes down to one thing: porn

I think there are technical latency as well as scaling ($$$) challenges too … the adult topic gets complicated because you are dipping into artistic expression … it’s really tricky waters tbh

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Wow. Sounds very interesting :+1:


Thanks for these amazing videos


My pleasure @itsanishjain ! What’s been your favourite part so far?

I wanted to share today’s video on composition and phrasing, this is a really important lesson which I believe will become the dominant mindset shift as more creatives start using AI models like DALL-E:

You have probably already seen some people taking on this shift even when it comes to GPT-3.

Please let me know below if you have any thoughts or any questions about the series so far and I’ll do my best to answer!


:joy::joy: Zuck is the universal symbol for being a socially awkward developer, he’ll be back for a bit later in the series.

Me too! Even making animated graphics for this series at times was painful, I wish I could just communicate them into existence with multimodal AI.

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Today’s video is a lot of fun! Do you remember the very famous and meme-worthy avocado chair from the DALL-E paper? Well, I made an awesome video turning it into a real thing:


this is a beautiful point. I hadn’t even considered actually using one of these practically in my daily life. It would probably not be as comfortable since you can’t lean back lol

do you have an example of a pear chair in Switzerland? I didn’t know there was such a thing! You guys are always ahead of us in design

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I had a great chat today with @techn0cratic about the series and even some GPT-3 stuff! Check it out below:

The series resumes on Monday!