Any update about the official launch of GPT store? Need info to adjust development pace

Since it’s already the end of November, we would appreciate any updates about the official launch of the GPT store. With this information, we can adjust our development pace accordingly. For example, if OpenAI indicates there might be some delay, then our coders won’t need to work overtime every day for fear that their GPT won’t be ready for the same day as the GPT store launch. Thanks! @logankilpatrick


Very good question!

How OpenAI handle this will have big implications.

My assumption was that the official store would launch soon so just being a directory of thousands and thousands of fairly useless GPTS would not have much value. As it takes longer for the store to launch though it seems those generic directories are gaining a lot of traction. Will be interesting to see what happens to them once the store launches.

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this is a major question. Probably the recent company bosses’s jumps impacted also into this release the was supposted to be by the end of this month. I hope to hear soon as I’ve made some gpts and I can’t wait to see what’s going on

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Ha, yeah there’s a lot of people waiting to see if their return on time investment and their GPT dreams can come true. Clearly OpenAI know this. I’m interested to see what format the store takes. Given that they’ve created a GPT builder to build GPT’s might they do the same for the store? Otherwise how could it cope with the volume of GPT submissions which is clearly going to be A LOT. Don’t make me guess :smile: Similarly there’s got to be some kind of prioritisation process. Thoughts?

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I guess that if someone makes push or any mktg action the gpt will probably have reviews, usage and so could rank up. Or maybe openAI will be able to detect in advance the best gtps created due to way they configuered and highlight them… There will also be the organic search that will probably impact the ranking. Btw I’ve seen creators making more than 500 gpts… There are more than 20K gpts uploaded on a gpt aggregator… this is massive. I’m sure that openAI will filter all this stuff.

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GPT store should come out betwen first half of december thats what I read.

Hi there, what kind of source pls? Thanks for the info!

anyway - if you want to check how many gpts and creators are active you can go here: this is a sort of aggregator that simulates a “gpt store”. As you can see there’s a huge amount of useless gpts… there’s no filter so far.

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I dont understand how come you have not been flagged lol

the amount of subpar GPT creations is staggering (everyone is experimenting right now, why not…) but most will be ignored as long as usage is capped and when users learn to spot the duds (and maybe rankings will come into play) the winners will have specialized API access and actions that add value beyond fancy Instructions and a few leaky RAGs uploaded to Knowledge base (no idea who will police copyright / IP violations in these docs, an OpenAI crawler bot maybe)

Hi, thanks for the reply. Flagged for what? I’m afraid I dont understand… is that good or bad?

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Yes, but I would not underestimate the potential of the current configuration. By creating several of them, I realised that the model is powerful enough to process prompts and instructions of various kinds so as to have the desired outputs. But you have to waste a lot of time giving different and many instructions in the building phase. More than anything else I think the store will have to list only the most decent gpts or the experience of the casual user who will have access to the store will be bad given the large presence of gpts thrown up just to make up the numbers

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really? Can you share the source?

Well usually you can’t post advertising, if it okay for you you are lucky :slight_smile:

Ive read it somwhere a couple days ago, it is not 100%

ah ok, thanks. good to know. My site is for free and basically it’s just a site with links to the 250+ custom chatgpt that I built and anybody can use. So i thought it may easier to just put that link here instead of copy pasting 250+ Chatgpt links, but well noted - thanks again for the tip ! if they will flag me I will remove the link above.

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all good points. Testing GPTs while using credits is very limiting too. Also, Copyright Shield applies only to Business users who also (apparently) have uncapped usage – perhaps a new license tier could bridge that gap. There are still many unknowns in this equation. Interesting how all of these quirks will be resolved should the GPT store come to fruition.

oh i do agree it for community :slight_smile: i did the same but was silenced for that.

Got an email from Open AI. GPT store will not come December, but early next year.

In terms of what’s next, we are now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year. While we had expected to release it this month, a few unexpected things have been keeping us busy!

Not really sure what early next year means (first month?, Q1?, etc.).

Members of the year not contained in the set “later next year”?