GPT Store Leaderboard not Updating

The GPT Store leaderboard has not updated its rankings in over 3 and a half weeks.

Anyone have any idea why or how we can resolve this?

Quite frustrating, since one of our GPT’s has enough chat volume to get onto the front page once it updates.

GPTs are not strictly ordered by chat volume.

If you are interested in getting your GPT featured, then you should take a look at this guidance from OpenAI:

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We already have 4 on the front page, pretty confident we know how the algorithm works.

It’s just that the rankings haven’t been updated in so long!

And yet… You don’t.

Which of your 95, low-effort GPTs do you think it’s deserving of being listed on the front page of the store?


Excel GPT has more chats per week than both physics and our coding one, hence next time it updates should be on the front page.

Also most of the GPT’s in that list are levels from a game we made called the inverse Turing test, and another called The Simulation (my personal favourite). Hope you enjoy if you haven’t tried them yet: