GPT PLUS MEMBER - Cannot get Access or Login to Paid Account

I paid for a plus member, I cant login to use the product… should have a private link to access this and not the main webpage

Been a plus member for 2 months now - the works fine.

When I sign into the site with the same credentials it thinks I’m not a plus member.

So I can’t use the API key? What’s the point?

Don’t want to set up another payment as looks like you just end up paying twice.


I have the same problem. I am at the at capacity page, put in my email and never have received a login link! Any ideas?

same problem, I can’t access to paid account in chat gpt

Same for me. Im trying to use the api key but on platform.openai it says i dont have a paid plan altough i have a subscription on chat.openai.


It’s not clear if two separate subscriptions are required? One for chat and another if you want to start spending for tokens? It might be this is what we are supposed to do - would be good to get clarification from any other users.

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This video may help you guys

can someone confirms that by following the advice in this video, a solution is provided by the support?

Same issue here, disappointing having paid the monthly fee, I get its a busy service however wasn’t made aware when purchasing this would be he the case.


I got a notification that the service was down, and few minutes ago that it got fixed

Are we going to be refunded for the down time? This is depressing given all the promises…

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Does not work for me. I get an error that the email cannot be sent.


Also not able to access my account using the link. When I am able to log-in during down times it shows my account no longer has GPT Plus subscription purchased on 03/16/23.


I am not even getting the email link, from the capacity page, no mail comes in my inbox. I am already subscribed to chat gpt plus


Hi there, i just signed up for GPT plus and seem to have the same issue as many others here. One thing i noticed that i was charged twice on my cc. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Sorry, looking for some clarity here.

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I cannot access my account, and this is not the first time even thought I am in the plus plan, I cannot see any difference from the plus and normal plan, both crashes in long answers, both you should wait if there is hight demand.

Ditto here. Just get a red error message sending me to which gives me the equivalent of the twitter fail whale.

So I am getting the same “ChatGPT is at capacity right now” as everyone else is.
There’s an option that says “ChatGPT Plus subscriber login”
" You’re all set! If you’re a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, check your email for a login link."

Except, when I put my email in that box and click send I get a red popup that says:
“Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at”

The send box changes to sent, but I have no emails coming in at all, so clearly that error indicates nothing is actually sent.

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Exactly the same. I cannot get in. Feels like a scam now. 24 hours access then nothing

I am having this problem right now. I signed up for PLUS the day it came out. Today i cant login, and it wont send me the personalized login link. Has some sort of error message.

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