GPT PLUS MEMBER - Cannot get Access or Login to Paid Account

Can’t access even if I’m paying for it -_-

Same. Paid subscriber; receive the red toast when attempting to send login link.

just paid 1 hours ago now i cant even access it```
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For the entire weekend, there was a messages cap for GPT 4… that kept reducing (like 50 messages per 4 hours, then 25 messages each 3 hours)

But there was also a warning that was happening because the demand for GPT4 was growing but it’s also more demanding in computation.

But they would be THIS WEEK increase servers capacity to meet the demand and thus increase the limit (messages per time) or reduce the cooldown time (time per X messages)

My guess is that they are doing this NOW and that is why the Plus login (which gives access to GPT4) and the history (which links to conversations in ChatGPT4) are down

They can´t have you accessing GPT4 until increasing the capacity, and allowing you to login or view history would give you access to GPT4.

Communication could be better. They could have ChatGPT write a short message to deal with customers.

same, feels very nice and gives me hope for this product :slight_smile:

Gah! I was charged on my credit card last week for my plus, and now I can’t even access any invoices… or anything!

Likewise, I cannot access or login. I get the red toast message saying something went wrong. Looks like the status of chatgpt is down, according to their status page:

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I’m having the same issue… You are not delivering service to your paying customers. I signed up to your paid subscription so I didn’t have to wait when it was at capacity. Your status page says all systems are working? Please resolve this issue promptly.

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This may help

The backend is down for ChatGPT?

I am getting a 404 when attempting to login.


I still cant login. I have the a plus account. Why can’t i login?

Still waiting myself, just get the red bar at the top when using my email for plus account.


Same for me… Something went wrong. If this issue persists please contact us through our help center at
I am paying for the subscription and that’s not the service I am expecting

This is happening to me as well. I have a paid membership. 404 on email link bypass.

How am I supposed to work without an AI assistant? I am lost…

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Same for me. It was working this morning, but come home now and I cannot login with any browser. I request the plus account link and get a red popup every time saying something went wrong.

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This is incredibly frustrating. I hope it is back up soon. Same problem for me.

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I’m also unable to access the service. $20/month should guarantee some level of service, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’m content to support the company if I’m able to use the software reliably, but if this continues to happen I can’t justify the cost. I suspect I’m not the only customer with this sentiment.


Like… I thought the point of the plus account was so this didn’t happen? I wonder if it is just down accross the board, for everyone.

I am facing the same problem as well!

Hi Im having same problem? any updates ? paid last week so i would not have this issue