GPT PLUS MEMBER - Cannot get Access or Login to Paid Account

probably (I guess) they have accepted too many plus members that now their capacity is exhausted again…

Same thing as a plus member…Script execution time exceeded

also tried again and then got

Login failed. Please try again or seek help at

(post deleted by author)

Same issue here, can’t access the site using the email link either, as plus subscriber, I guess reach the sever capacity… would be great give earlier notice instead error message.

me in the same situation: Doesn’t work for me. The plus link to my email just sends me back to the capacity notice. What’s the point of being a plus subscriber just to experience the same issue as everyone else?

i want my money back

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I think there is a subscription model coming soon. It’s call ChatGPT Plus Plus. It’s mainly designed to give priority to subscribers when the ChaptGPT plus subscribers can’t get access to ChatGPT. I think its an additional 20 USD on top of the ChartGPT plus subscription or if you are a basic ChatGPT user you can purchase this option for 40 USD.

Sorry for the lame joke, I can’t log in into my chatGPT plus account to ask it to come up with a cool-sounding joke about paying extra for a service and getting the same product as the free version.

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Dude, don’t you get it? It’s a ChatGPT social experiment to see how quickly civilization can collapse when ChatGPT is gone! As the old say goes, we are only three ChatGPT failed logins away from Anarchy.


What a scam. Why would I pay for the plus account then?

same here… so why i’m paying again for the Plus Account?

Same here, should definitely be looked at. Otherwise there is no point paying for the premium subscription.

I was still in after i could access an hour ago now im out again, sending priority link doesnt work eitherways

New error webpage message

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Not sure what’s are the etiquette rules here. Does relentlessly attempting to log in, amount to harassment when dealing with an AI?

Cannot login either as a plus member.
Sent link cannot work either.

I tried to refresh the page a few times now and im luckily back in and can work again. (Europe / Austria)

Screenshot 2023-02-21 at 15.12.15
Is it still the same or is it just me seeing this?

I got in for a while, then out again. When I try to go back in with an emailed link (as a plus member) I got a “oops execution time exceeded” error. Thanks ChatGPT.

I also paid for ChatGPT Plus about 8 days ago, but I am unable to log in. It seems like it will allow me to pay again, though.

The same exact issue happened to me, and I even got charged twice for the ChatGPT monthly subscription.

I sent them multiple emails and got no response. I managed to access the plans, and I cancelled one of them and asked for a refund.
Then when I got back again to ChatGPT, I couldn’t access chat GPT Plus again.

I Just Got Access to ChatGPT Plus again, but I didn’t yet receive a refund for the extra month I was charged with.