GPT Builder to be removed from Copilot Pro in July

Is anyone else worried by this news? I was initially excited when custom GPTs were first announced even though I hated the name (gipeties would have been way catchier in my opinion).

Seems to be on its last legs now though. Hope OpenAI don’t go the way of google by announcing great new products that then get killed shortly after.

Heya. Welcome to the developer community hosted by OpenAI.

Are you worried that OpenAI will drop Custom GPTs? I don’t think they will. They’re working on revenue sharing with a few select people, I’ve heard, so I’m sure there’s a future of some type for them…

You do know CoPilot is Microsoft+ OpenAI and not Google, right?

Love the Reg, though, innit! :wink:


i think this is best for both corps, both openAI who will have a unique selling point and microSoft who run bing and ship windows.

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The Reg rocks for sure :smile:

I’m glad you’re optimistic about the future for custom GPTs but I don’t see it getting the right level of attention that is needed…

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