Does OpenAI still support GPTs - or is this a dead end/waste of time

Seems like crickets in regards to GPT since they were first announced. I’m hesitant to put any time into building here if this is already a dead product. Anyone have a sense as to whether or not OpenAI is still working on GPTs?

GPTs are still very much a thing, but it’s unclear what is any revenue stream will come from them.

In general I feel the current target audience for development is,

  1. Individuals wanting to make something for themselves
  2. People who want to make something cool to share
  3. Large companies for whom the development costs associated with building a GPT won’t even register on there quarterly budget sheets

I didn’t know what the value proposition is in building a GPT for an individual dev.

The GPTs I’ve personally made are just conveniences for various workflows specific to me or just as experiments.

I haven’t yet found another GPT on the store I have any use for, any that do anything related to something in interested in doing are pretty bad at it, so I just end up making my own.


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Since GPT users all got hit with the GPT-4o model to run them, the value has massively decreased. Same with “GPT-4” in ChatGPT now being GPT-4-Turbo as the fallback you’d employ, while trying to use custom instructions or memory to gain a bit of permanence to a behavior.

There is simply no point in trying to continue to use a GPT that employed a skill no longer there (of which I had several).

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