GPT Builder - Returns incorrect hyperlinks

I’m trying to build a GPT for my website. A user will ask what knives are available in a certain style and a list should be returned to them.

I have uploaded a .csv file that contains all of the products and contains a column for the link on my website. However, ChatGPT is altering the hyperlinks.

I have a product named “Indiana Knives E.D.Z Vanax”.
The hyperlink to this is “websitename/products/indiana-knives-e-d-z”

However, chat GPT keeps returning the following:


It does this for some other products as well. I am specifically telling the bot to return the exact URL that is in the spreadsheet… but it keeps changing it. I cannot move forward with using this tool if it isn’t going to pull back the exact data that is on the spreadsheet.

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