Add flag option for forum posts where someone thinks they're talking to ChatGPT

On several occasions I see people making forum posts with questions/prompts, where it’s obvious they think they’re talking to chatGPT. I have no idea how, but it keeps happening :skull:

The closest option is “off-topic” but I think it happens frequently enough to get its own category if possible.

  • Such post don’t need a new category. To many categories just furturate users.
  • A simple response from any user instructing the OP to instead use is a common and correct reply, e.g. (ref)
Welcome to the developer Forum!

If you wish to use ChatGPT you can do so by visiting
  • Such post don’t need to be flagged if a user can change the category and tags please do so. For the above example changed to
    Category: ChatGPT
    Tags: chatgpt, misdirected-prompt

  • If a user can’t edit the title which allows changing the category and tags, then a moderator should be flagged but with specific instructions, otherwise the flag is likely to get ignored.