Gpt-4-turbo does not exist or you do not have access to it

I’m getting this error when attempting to make requests to gpt-4-turbo model. I paid the $5 minimum like another post recommended. How do I get access to this model?

Error code: 404 - {'error': {'message': 'The model `gpt-4-turbo` does not exist or you do not have access to it.', 'type': 'invalid_request_error', 'param': None, 'code': 'model_not_found'}}

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Could you share the full code you are using for reference?


Code was implemented properly; it was a billing issue.

I resolved the issue. It appears there’s a slight delay upon making the payment before access is enabled. I made the request a minute or two after paying.

I highly suggest the error message is improved to inform the user they need to pay. I have no issue paying, but I do have an issue debugging their system to figure out I need to pay.


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Yeah, this should have been intercepted first with a 429: and its message written better “Your account has no credits presently available to fund API services. Purchase prepaid credits for your organization, then wait for them to become effective.”