GPT-4 problem: Invalid URL (POST /v1/completions)

8 hours long now. and not a peep.

Maybe let’s post how long we’ve been a plus user and our location?

I’ll start:
2 days

I’m not seeing any noise about this on twitter or on the discord, only this thread. Insanely odd why we’re facing this issue and apparently no one else is?

It was working for me yesterday but today its giving me this error, I hate to pay money each month for it to not work

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Use playground (chat mode) in the meantime, it works for me.

I believe playground doesn’t use GPT4.

I got the option around 2 days after gpt-4 released

It seems that it is still working for the majority
I think only new chatgpt Plus subscriptions might be affected
I upgraded yesterday,

answer or give a like if you also just upgraded yesterday or the day before

(edit: that doesn’t seem to be the case)


Same problem here, silence from openai.
This is disturbing, we paid for the service but we don’t receive it.

I have upgraded 2 days ago, and now I have to write more words fotr the comment to be accepted.

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you can ask GPT-3.5 to assume that it’s GPT-4

I’ve been a Plus member for a few weeks at least. Getting the: Invalid URL (POST /v1/completions)
As of this morning

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I’m a Plus subscriber that can’t see GTP-4 in the playground options, I’m also having the Invalid URL (POST /v1/completions) as of this morning.
Curious if anyone NOT having the issue can see that GPT-4 option in the playground

the playground is on the general open ai website, you need to join the waitlist in order to access GPT-4 on playground. also, the open ai website has its own paid account, different from chat gpt’s account.

I dont have it either, but i dont think that access is directly connected to chatgpt plus
I know people that have gpt4 access on playground without plus

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I’ve had a plus subscription for a month and since this morning i haven’t been able to use gpt4 either, been getting the invalid url error. Super annoying as we are paying for it and openai hasn’t even addressed the issue

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You can make 4 pretend to be 3 but not the other way around. Just like a genius could pretend to be dumb but not the other way around.

I’ve also been having this same issue all morning with GPT-4.

do i have to set up another paid account? its asking for a paid account and I dont see gpt4

Same issue here. I have been a paying subscriber ever since subscriptions appeared. And I never ran any browser extensions or other integrations. Too bad that the lobotomized Bing chat cannot answer my questions to the same standard :frowning:

The same problem, should it be a global problem or not?