GPT-4 API access in API clients like Lori, MacGPT ,

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Yesterday, I charged 5$ to my OpenAI API account to get access to GPT-4 API; then, I checked Playgrounds to see if I have access to GPT-4. I noticed that I could select the GPT-4 from the dropdown menu in Playgrounds, and it works in chat mode as expected. Still, the problem is that I paid for API to use it on GPT API clients like “Lori” or “MacGPT” and use the GPT-4 model; I successfully added the API to both clients. I selected GPT-4 as its model in settings, but when I ask questions, the answer comes from GPT-3.5, not 4, and it doesn’t have GPT-4 capabilities like summarizing an article from a link; what should I do to get access to GPT-4 API in API clients?

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lori and MacGPT are not maintained by OpenAI, you’ll need to reach out to the developers of those applications to understand why you’re not getting GPT-4 with them, it’s enabled on your account if you can access it from the playground.

Thank you so much for your reply. I’ve already contacted them, but there has been no reply yet. What app do you recommend so that I can use gpt4 API without any issues? On my iPhone and Mac.

Hi and welcome.

How do you know the answer is coming from GPT-3.5? Is it displayed in the app?

No, for example, I ask this question from it:

How many words is this article:

“I put the article’s link here.”

GPT-4 can answer this question, while 3.5 can’t.

Also, I asked if it’s based on GPT-4, and it says no. I’m based on GPT-3.5.

Neither GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 are very good at counting words, counting tasks are best performed by giving the model access to tools, the Data Analysis plugin, formerly called Code Interpreter is excellent for this kind of task, and is available as part of the ChatGPT plus membership.

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Playgrounds does it well when it’s set on GPT-4. Also, the app itself says it’s based on GPT -3.5, not 4.

You can try again in Playground. It is a known issue of GPT with regards to counting word/token. Also, GPT4 can sometimes mistakenly identify itself as any earlier version. It happens even with the official ChatGPT.

Anyway, without diving into the individual app, it is difficult to tell. I hope the app developer respond soon.

EDIT: You can also check under “manage account” and “usage” to see if GPT-4 was called.

Thanks for helping; I checked under “usage,” and it seems GPT-4 is called every time I ask a question.