New book on GPT-3!

Super excited to announce that after 1 year and 15 days (appx :sweat_smile:), my GPT-3 book written together with @techn0cratic is officially published!

We have spent the last year of our life mastering the OpenAI ecosystem from the tech and business point of view, and summarize my learnings in this go-to manual for GPT-3!

The initial chapters cover the technical nuances of GPT-3 and a bit of the history of large language models and as you progress the later chapters will talk about how GPT-3 has acted as the launchpad for startups and how corporates have leveraged it to build habit-forming products like GitHub Copilot giving you a holistic perspective on the GPT-3 ecosystem from startups, corporates, investors, and creator’s points of view. Towards the end, we also discuss the possibility of LLM’s getting converged with Nocode with the future it will entail!

Thanks to everyone in the OpenAI community who helped with reviews, feedback, ideas, edits, and contributions. A special thanks to Bakz Awan (@bakztfuture), Bram Adams (@bram), Boris Power (@boris), Fraser Kelton, Andrew Mayne (@Andrew), and the entire OpenAI team for providing the necessary support to write this book!

Please do share it on social media and help us spread the word - LinkedIn, Twitter :pray:


That’s cool Shubham! Is it available on Amazon India?

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Thanks @Xerxes :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it is available on Amazon India.

You can buy it here :point_right: Link

Thank you so much for your time and efforts

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You’re welcome @younessito :blush:

Please do help in spreading the word :slight_smile:

Congratulations! :boom: :100: :clinking_glasses:

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Thank you so much Cathy!

I am Korean. Thank you for your hard work.This is my suggestion.1)I need the contents of the book in Korean, so can I download the e-book? 2)If you give me the right to sell in Korea, I can translate your book into Korean and sell your book in Korea 3)I run a business site in Korea by gpt-3. Why don’t you run a business site like this in each foreign country?4)Why don’t we create and operate business sites in each country as a business with DALLE2?Note: My book is also published by Amazon (ai’s heated debate) (’s+heated+debate&qid=1659680854&sprefix=ai’s+heated+debate%2Caps%2C318&sr=8-1))

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