GPT-3 Club 👉 One-stop shop to get started with GPT-3!

:rocket: Ideated and shipped GPT-3 Club in less than 12 hrs using the nocode tools Notion and Popsy!

:zap: GPT-3 Club has everything that you need to get started with building world-class AI products. It summarizes the process to get started with GPT-3 in three simple steps and provides you with the resources to build end-to-end applications.

:closed_book: GPT-3 Club closely follows my upcoming O’Reilly Media book - “GPT-3: Building Innovative NLP Products using LLMs”

:sparkles: The book takes a closer look at business case studies of startups and corporates discussing their experiences, learnings, mistakes to avoid, and useful bits of advice provided by the founders/product teams to build successful businesses using GPT-3.

:telephone_receiver: If you have an idea about building an AI application using GPT-3 and want to discuss its feasibility, business model, and roadmap, book a free 15 mins one-on-one call with me from the website!

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