GPT-3 powered Metahuman

Interactive Metahumans powered by GPT-3 is now possible.
It listens via the microphone.
It thinks via GPT-3.
It responds via text to speech and real-time lip-syncing.
The intelligent Metahuman has arrived.


This is REALLY Impressive Jari. How did you do it?

This project was all built in Unreal Engine. It uses speech to text, GPT-3 api and text to speech. I have a version running on a webpage. If you want to try it out let me know and I will pass you a link.


If anyone is interested in an interactive Metahuman for a webpage / kiosk / mobile please get in touch. We are now building these out for businesses. Can pass a link to a demo. Just message me.

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I’d love to try it out Jari. We haven’t even got past Step 1.

We can’t get a decently rendered metahuman into Unreal without totally maxing out our very highly specced games machine.

I sent you a link. I have an i9 13k CPU and a RTX 4090 GPU. Even with these specs I bring the Metahuman into the project at low quality.


Can you send me a Demo of that please? Thanl you

Hi Jari! I hope you are well. Can you please share your link? I am interested in commercial use case where we would use what you built as a demonstration of what AI can achieve?

Hello, is very impressive! I´m so interested in try the webpage version, i´m traying to learn how to make metahumans with ia.

I am super excited to try out your demo ! This is also something I have been working on.

Hi can I try out this demo ??

Would really love to try it out and possibly integrate into our project.

Hi Jari, can I try out this demo?

please let me know what the link is! Really curious to try it out

Sorry due to server costs I have disabled it. If you would like a demo or one built for yourself please get in touch.

Hey Jarl, I’m interested in purchasing a version. How do we organise this?

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hey Jari, loved your work <3. i would like to see a demo of your project.


Looks stupid cool. But i prefer terminal and keyboard, atleast for now :smiley:

How can i get in touch with you i really want to try this for a education project.

Visit to learn more. You can email me on to organize a time to meet and discuss custom project build and related costs.